Friday, November 15, 2013

Parent Teacher INTERVIEWS!

Well, guess what. I didn't die. (most obviously)
I got a, 'Progressing well" on History. I was so confused. I was just thinking about what would happen if something bad happened and i forgot what would have happened if i got good marks, I did okay in everything  else.
PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS were today. It was amazing. It was actually quite helpful.
We talked about high schools and my marks. Turns out i got a 95% on Algebra. Considering that the teacher has never given out an 100% to anyone she has taught, i find my mark impressive. She kept on mentioning about how well i did in the arts and that was proof that i should be there. It made me happy :3
The rest of the day was fine, until this, "GIRL THAT SHOULDN't BE NAMED" came along and messed it up. It was just super annoying, i wish that "conflict" would be gone, well, i did what i had to do. No hate to her, but please stay off my back. My BACK IS SORE. okay. sounds good..

kay. bye

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