Saturday, November 9, 2013

Progress Reportsssssss

School. I used to love it but now it just sucks. Now, Progress Reports are coming Tuesday and I have a really bad feeling about it. I know that I am not doing very well in some subjects. My mom says its fine and she knows that its not in my nature to know all this information my teacher throws at us. My teacher is the best, she really knows her stuff. She likes to give information to us fast, some people soak it up, but people like me just stare blankly at her. I don't blame her, she's the best teacher I could ask for. Just, I keep thinking that these are the last days of happiness, I think I'm going to die....

PROGRESSSSSSSSS REPORRTSSSS! okay, just had to let that out. Since I'm in grade 7, everything counts for high school. Your admission is based on your marks. It just sucks. My mom is suuuper stressed out about it and so am I. Sometimes, I wish marks wouldn't matter.

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